Landrace Durum Iraq Whole Wheat Flour - 4lb

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Whole Wheat
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Durum Iraq Whole Wheat Flour

 Durum-Iraq is a durum wheat. It is a landrace from Iraq. It is a spring type and has long black awns and pale yellow seed color. It grows well in the Sacramento Valley and offers the possibility of a supply for whole wheat pasta makers as well as bakers who know how to make pleasing whole durum wheat breads, pizza, rotis and Mediterranean flat breads. The whole wheat dough does not darken on standing.


The grains are large and, as indicated by the name Durum are very hard. Durum wheat is very closely related to the common wheats. The durum varieties are all spring wheats, at least so for as known. Durum wheat differs from the other spring wheats in size and charccter of both plant and grain. The plant is usually tallerand more vigorous than common wheat, has wider leaves, and generally matures earlier. The heads are broader and more compact, and are often shorter. The beads of durum wheat are exceptionally long and stiff, which, with the shape and compactness of the head, give the plant much the appearance of barley.The Advantage most often claimed for durum wheat is high protein and drought resistance.


Wheat quality characteristics requirements are different for Farmer, Miller and Baker and Durum Iraq is not exceptional to fit in all of them. Our goal is to present them in their original form.


Grown by small family farms in California and Montana. Stone Milled to order.


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