Landrace Durum Iraq Whole Wheat Cracked - 2lb

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2 lb
Cracked Wheat

Durum Iraq is a durum wheat. It is a landrace from Iraq. It is a spring type and has long black awns and pale yellow seed color. It grows well in California,Montana and offers the possibility of a supply for whole wheat pasta makers as well as bakers who know how to make pleasing whole durum wheat breads. 

Durum Iraq seed is back in California farms through the efforts of Monica Spiller the founder of Whole Grain Connection. Durum Iraq is now grown by Ancient Agro with Farmers in California,Montana.

In California Durum Iraq is planted in the fall from October to December and harvested in June and in some areas it is planted in Spring.


Cracked wheat :

Our cracked wheat has 100% whole grain and never processed. We use natural granite stone mills to crack raw wheat kernels. It has germ and bran that makes a whole meal with all rich nutrients and minerals.

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